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    Omega-3 Production Sites

    Production Sites

      Industry leading process expertise and manufacturing capabilities.
      BASF production of Omega-3s operates in FDA-approved facilities in Norway and Scotland with headquarters in Oslo, Norway, as well as production plants in Denmark and Germany.

    Sandefjord, Norway

    • First Marine Oil Factory in Norway founded 1935
    • Purification, Distillation, Precipitation, Concentration
    • EE & rTG concentrates (60-75%)

    Callanish, Scotland

    • Site for lipid concentration for nearly 30 years
    • Chromatography
    • EE concentrates (90%)
    • Fish oil concentrates (50%)

    Ballerup, Denmark

    • Production of encapsulated fish oils since 1988
    • Encapsulation
    • Fish oil powders (7-11%)

    Illertissen, Germany