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    Enabling a more sustainable future through innovations

      Leather Chemicals

      As a market leader, we are the preferred partner providing reliable, innovative and sustainable chemical solutions for the leather industry. With more than 100 years of experience in leather chemicals, we provide a comprehensive product range that covers the complete leather-making process, from beamhouse to finishing. Working continuously on product and process development, we help our customers produce leather in a more sustainable way which enable them to meet the stringent requirements set by governments and brands.

      Be it for premium leathers used in automotive seats or outdoor footwear, we offer value-added solutions that are backed by consistent high product quality, consumer safety and customer service. Underlying all that we endeavor in BASF is our accountability to our partners, our determination in our innovations, and our responsibility to protect resources and the environment.


      For more than forty years, BASF has been developing, producing, and selling the tailor-made high-performance footwear materials Elastopan® and Elastollan® for all types of shoes and soles. Our latest innovation Infinergy™, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), combines the properties of TPU with the advantages of foams and makes running shoes comfortable to wear and delivers excellent running properties.

      With our portfolio of polyurethane systems, thermoplastic polyurethanes and engineering thermoplastics, we offer leading companies in the footwear industry a unique and integrated toolbox of solutions.

      Footwear manufacturers and in particular shoe designers are turning to plastics as their performance material of choice because they combine aesthetics, stability and a wide spectrum of design possibilities. We support our customers with chemistry-driven innovations, coming from world-scale production plants, compounding facilities, regional technicaldevelopment centers; as well as with our competence in application engineering.